Buy Litecoin (LTC) with a Credit or Debit Card on bitFlyer

How to Buy Litecoin (LTC) with a Credit or Debit Card on bitFlyer

Litecoin is one of the early spinoffs of Bitcoin, started in 2011 as an attempt to make a cryptocurrency more appropriate for use as digital cash than Bitcoin. The structure of Litecoin is almost a direct copy of Bitcoin, and it successfully established itself as a popular cryptocurrency early on.

While it used to be fairly complex to get your hands on any cryptocurrency, exchanges have come a long way. At bitFlyer, we’ve done everything we can to simplify the process. On our website or mobile app, you can buy Litecoin with your debit or credit card in minutes and have Litecoin in your wallet immediately.

Advantages of buying Litecoin (LTC) with your Credit/Debit Card

Using a credit card is one of the fastest ways to replenish your portfolio with new or already proven assets. At bitFlyer, we offer an Instant buy function, which involves the direct purchase of an asset, such as Litecoin, from the exchange’s own funds. This isn’t a standard peer to peer transaction, but a reliable  and fully protected transaction between the exchange and the buyer. 

In addition, our site has several other important advantages over other exchanges:

  • bitFlyer has chosen to become licensed under the EU’s PSD2. Our platform has a physical presence within the European Union, and is regulated in the same way as any other financial institution that you might be a client of. Moreover, all processes happening on the bitFlyer network are monitored 24/7 and any updates to software are applied automatically, meaning that your data is always safe.
  • Fair commissions. Nearly all platforms charge a commission for financial transactions and we’re no exception. We are committed to fair commissions, though, and not all operations are subject to a fee. There’s no fee for using a credit or debit card on bitFlyer. We charge a Processing Fee and a Transaction fee for every purchase and that’s it, no other hidden charges!
  • Global support and user-friendly interface. We keep our website and mobile app simple and straightforward so that you can count on getting your transactions completed fast. If you have any questions, our support team is always at your service. More than two million users love bitFlyer for its security, simplicity, and excellent customer service.
  • Sophisticated charts and constantly updated crypto news. On our site and app, updated price charts are only a click away. Compare Litecoin’s value in GBP or USD, night or day, wherever you are. Interested in the latest news? We’ve got that, too.

Is it possible to buy Litecoin (LTC) with a credit card on bitFlyer?

In a word: yes. You can buy LTC on bitFlyer using your Visa or Mastercard quickly and easily. But you’ll need to register first. Since bitFlyer follows Anti-Money Laundering policies, we comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) standards. For initial registration, you’ll need to specify your name, address, date of birth, country of birth, nationality, identification document number, and phone number. Although the list seems long, registration rarely takes longer than 5 minutes. After providing this information, you’ll start with a Trade Class account. With Trade Class, you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw fiat and cryptocurrencies for a total of up to € 249.99 per transaction, not exceeding € 2,499.99 within a rolling one-year period.

If you want to unlock an unlimited amount of deposits and withdrawals, you need to upgrade your account to the Trade Pro Class. To do this, in addition to the initial documents, you will need to provide a scanned ID and proof of residence.

Have you opened an account? Great, now you can get straight to trading. There are four easy steps:

  • Click on the Instant buy button in the side menu and choose Litecoin.
  • Choose a payment method. In this case, it’s “Purchase With a Card”.
  • Indicate the purchase amount and enter the necessary details in the tab.
  • Congratulations! After the payment is confirmed, purchased LTC will be visible on your account immediately and usable for virtual currency trading.


Please take a look at several terms and conditions that were introduced to increase the security of users. Firstly, the name associated with the Mastercard and Visa cards used for purchases must match the name registered to the bitFlyer account. Secondly, the price displayed for each transaction is only valid if it is approved within 15 minutes. Last but not least, in rare cases, high price volatility may result in an order being canceled. If your order is canceled, the deducted transaction amount will be fully refunded to you.

Please be mindful of the fact that bitFlyer only accepts 3D-Secure enabled credit cards and your card issuer might charge additional fees for each transaction. If your card's primary currency is not EUR, additional currency conversion fees might be charged by your card issuer.

Other Methods of Buying Litecoin (LTC)

The commission to buy Litecoin with a credit card using the Instant Buy function is 1.95% of the purchase amount plus € 0.25 per transaction. This fee applies to our other Instant Buy payment options as well: iDeal, Sofort and Giropay. However, you can avoid the commission by using another equally popular method of purchase available to bitFlyer users: a SEPA bank transfer. This free and secure method is available to residents of all EU countries, but you may have to wait a couple of days for your transfer to go through.

Buy Litecoin (LTC) with a Credit or Debit Card on our Mobile App

In addition to our web platform, bitFlyer has its own mobile application, available for Android and iOS users. bitFlyer Wallet gives users access to even faster trading and management of crypto assets. Our app offers the same exchange as the desktop version and doubles as a convenient and secure crypto wallet.

With the app, you’ll always have access to your crypto assets, and thanks to the support of QR codes, you can pay with cryptocurrencies or send them with just a few taps.


Buy other available cryptocurrencies

In addition to Litecoin (LTC), we also offer Buy and Sell options for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Lisk (LSK), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Monacoin (MONA).

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